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Mission Hills, the richest suburb

Overland Park and Leawood, the most Jewish suburbs

Mission Village, a bit closer in

Westwood Hills, another close-in suburb

Waldo (kind of the border line between streetcar suburbia and 50s sprawl)

Suburban sprawl south of Waldo but within the KC city limits

Brookside (where I live, 20s streetcar suburb)

The city’s not-so-affluent east side: Troost Avenue (the traditional social dividing line) and east of Troost.

Crossroads (just south of downtown)

Crown Center/Union Station (south of Crossroads)

Hyde Park (south of Crown Center but north of Country Club Plaza)

Rich areas near Ward Parkway and nearby blocks that are richer still


Westside (a heavily Hispanic historic area)

Quality Hill (nice area just west of downtown)

Volker (a kind of hipster-y area at the city’s western edge)

Country Club Plaza (probably the most affluent of the city’s walkable intown areas)

So that people who are not my facebook friends can see my Kansas City photos, I thought I would put links to them on this page.  So here are a few to start with:

18th and Vine neighborhood (historic center of African-American population)

Aerial views of the city

I’m about to go to North Dakota for the weekend (long story) so I may have difficulty posting.  I would add that so far my classes seem to be reasonably well-prepared, and I’m grateful for that.

Today gratefulness was really hard, for a variety of reasons that I don’t feel like sharing (but most of which don’t look nearly as pressing now as they did this morning, and which I will have perhaps forgotten about a month from now).   But the afternoon was better: I went to a couple of Kansas City’s more unusual museums (the Jazz Museum and the Negro Leagues Museum).  I managed to extricate myself by about 4:20, but had to be downtown for a meeting by 5.  Fortunately, my bus arrived precisely on time, enabling me to be early.  So I am thankful for on-time performance (which generally seems to be a regional area of strength here in Kansas City, both for buses and for human beings).

I just discovered Kansas City’s downtown afternoon minyan.  Since Kansas City’s intown Jewish community is rather weak, it is good to have some Jewish connection instead of praying alone all the time.


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