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Lewyn Addresses America

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9:18 Romney mentions Bruins winning- nice hometown pander (debate is in New Hampshire!)

9:18 Bachmann says nothing surprising about same sex marriage, other than she won’t mess with state law- but invokes her 23 foster children.  Gotta have some respect for a woman who can do that, regardless of her politics!

9:20 Real discussion on marriage- actual disagreement.  Paul says govt. shouldn’t even be involved.  Most candidates seem to favor some kind of constitutional amendment re same sex marriage.  Not sure I understand whether other candidates agree or disagree with Bachmann, or what sort of constitutional amendment they favor.

9:21 Cain says he wouldn’t have overturned Don’t Ask Don’t Tell but not eager to overturn overturning. Pawlenty says he’d defer to commanders, Gingrich seems to agree.  Romney waffles (I think).   Santorum says return to DADT.  Bachmann seems to come out on both Santorum’s and Pawlenty’s sides, which sounds like waffling but I suppose is actually intellectually coherent if it means “I’m leaning towards returning to DADT but I am open-minded want to discuss it with military first.”

9:25 Everyone pro-life.   Yawn.  I remember when Republican candidates actually disagreed with each other.

9:29 Santorum and Paul says no government benefits to illegal aliens. No surprise there.

9:29 Paul says let’s protect our borders, not those of Iraq and Afghanistan!  Nice applause line. (Of course, the best border control program is a bad economy- when there are fewer jobs, fewer people want to come to your country!)

9:31 Cain says immigration is several problems- border control, making legal immigration easier (interesting- wish he’d been asked more about that) empower states to do what federal government won’t do (not sure I understand that).

9:32 Pawlenty comes out for restrictive state immigration laws, I think.

9:33 Gingrich misspeaks- says unspecified “elites” think we have to either “ship 20 people out of America or legalize all of them.”  (Means “20 million”).  Comes out for National Guard on border – I’m sure National Guard would like that better than Iraq!

9:35 Paul comes out against eminent domain for utilities.  (Finally something I know about, maybe more about than the candidates- eminent domain for utilities and common carriers, unlike eminent domain for economic development, is a pretty venerable tradition!) .  Romney doesn’t dare disagree.  Riffs onto energy.

9:37 Santorum asked about ethanol.  Says phase out ethanol tax credit but allow more imported ethanol.

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