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Lewyn Addresses America

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8:07 first silly remark.  Santorum says Obama has imposed oppressive overregulation on energy industry, and yet says natural gas exploration is exploding in Pennsylvania.  How can both be true? (And how about that oil spill that happened on Obama’s watch?)

8:11 Gingrich invokes “Reagan recovery.”  How many years ago was that?

8:12 Bachmann announces on screen.  I am not happy- my sense from what I have heard is that she is a little extreme.

8:13 Paul focuses on monetary policy and ending the Fed.  I’m not going to say he’s right, but I give him credit for spouting something other than the usual party line.  As always, Paul seems like the only non-apparatchik in the room.

8:15 Bachmann claims that CBO says bill will kill 800,000 jobs. I look forward to seeing this checked out by Politifact or

8:17 Romney defends Romneycare on a variety of grounds- a persuasive-sounding defense.   Romney basically says: the major flaw with Obamacare is we can’t afford it; what I did in Mass. didn’t cost taxpayers a zillion dollars.  Pawlenty says Minnesota had a “different approach”- wonder whether Minnesota has more uninsured people now than it did when he was elected!

8:20 Gingrich says we need a filibuster-proof Republican majority.

8:22  Santorum describes Tea Party as “great backstop for America.”  Probably good thing to say in a Republican primary.

8:23 Bachmann says Tea Party made up of “disaffected Democrats” and “independents”.   Goes back to mainstream by saying Republicans have “awesome story” to tell on economy (you mean the story of how capitalism almost collapsed in 2008?)

8:25 Cain says he will do “what’s right.”  Has there ever been a politician who said he would do what’s wrong?

Wish Romney and Pawlenty had been asked what they thought of the Tea Party.

8:27 Paul comes out for tight money; not sure I understand his argument.

8:27 Pawlenty says he was in a union.  Comes out for “fair and open trade” not “being a chump.”  What does that mean?  Is he for reincarnating Smoot-Hawley?  Says he is for less regulation.

8:29 Bachmann calls EPA “the job killing organization” of America.

8:33 Gingrich says  Congress should defund the NLRB.  Is he saying that Congress should abolish the Wagner Act?

Have had computer difficulties so this may be the end.


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