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Lewyn Addresses America

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When I left Jacksonville, people sometimes asked me whether I would miss Jacksonville.  I was evasive because I didn’t really know the answer (though of course I will miss some people, who know who they are).

But as far as Jacksonville per se there’s only one thing I definitely miss.   Nature is definitely a little more present- by which I mean not trees and grass and parks (which appear here too) but wildlife.  Here you have a few birds here and there- pigeons, sparrows, the more urbanized species (plus a few you just hear and don’t see).  And of course you have squirrels.

But in Florida there are egrets, geese and other unusual bird species because of all the retention ponds that attract them.  There are also quite a few lizards; when I walked through my apartment complex, they scurried out of my way as if I was a dinosaur and they were trying to avoid being eaten by me.



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