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Lewyn Addresses America

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There’s all sorts of blather in the news about how conservatives are, or should, or might, unite against Mitt Romney.

What’s absurd about this is that four years ago, Romney was arguably the conservative in the race- so much so that National Review endorsed him.

Has Romney moved to the left over the past four years? Not as far as I know.  Its just that the conservative Party Line has changed as sharply and inexplicably as the Communists used to change their party line.  There’s a song I learned in the College Republicans that the whole mess reminds me of: (to the tune of “My Darling Clementine”)

Leon Trotzky was a Nazi

We all knew it for a fact;

Pravda said it

We all read it

till the Stalin-Hitler Pact.

Oh my darling,

Oh my darling,

Oh my darling Party Lin,

Oh I never would desert thee

for I love this life of mine.

Once a Nazi would be shotzi

that was then the Party Line;

Now a Nazi’s hotzi-totzi

Volga boatmen sail the Rhine!


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