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Lewyn Addresses America

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New York Magazine ran a pretty negative article about Romney’s business career.   But its not all negative; it says:

Their new firm reflected some aspects of Romney’s own personality: his mania for detail and for process. He was a cautious executive. “Mitt was always worried that things weren’t going to work out—he never took big risks,” one of his colleagues told me. “Everything was very measurable. I think Mitt had a tremendous amount of insecurity and fear of failure.” Romney never worked from any particular “macro theme,” any philosophy of how the economy was moving. What he employed instead was an exhausting habit of playing devil’s advocate, proposing sequential objections to a particular project or idea, until eventually, through a kind of Darwinian process, consensus was reached.

Hmm… mania for detail, daring to actually talk over decisions before making them. 

Could a President Romney have seen the financial crisis coming?

Could a President Romney have seen the difficulties of the Iraq war coming?

Not necessarily- but with someone like that, at least we’d have had a chance.


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