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Just took Greyhound Express to get from Atlanta to NYC (a 19 hour ride- pretty long, but I wanted to get to NYC early Monday to allow margin for error, and I had sticker shock re air fares).  Here’s my review:

The good:

– definitely newer looking and cleaner looking than typical Greyhound bus

– got to NYC more or less on time

The negative:

-too crowded (worse, I think, than typical Greyhound or maybe even Amtrak, though no worse than Chinatown bus)

-you have to connect to a bus in Richmond, so there is a very high risk of not getting to NYC in time (even though this time turned out OK).  

Compared to alternatives:

Chinatown bus- Nicer buses, but Chinatown bus is only one bus without as many stops or transfers, so I think your chances of being ridiculously late may be higher with Greyhound.

Amtrak- Amtrak is more expensive and takes about as much time- but is much more comfortable of course.   And because there are no connections, Amtrak is not as likely to be ridiculously late.  (But one big downside- there’s only one train from Atlanta to NYC, and that train doesn’t get to Atlanta until mid-afternoon).


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