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Lewyn Addresses America

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8:19 I think Romney is saying, withdraw but not yet.

8:20 Newt says you can’t wipe out Taliban without dealing with Pakistan.  very true!  Though I don’t know what policy consequence of that is.

8:22 Perry evades serious question about Pakistan by blathering about evils of foreign aid.  Red meat that might work with the idiot portion of the electorate.  Whines Pakistan “not honest with us”- sounds like a Lifetime movie or something!

8:24 Perry says political people “not in charge” in Pakistan.  From the mouths of babes…

But seriously, will the absence of foreign aid make Pakistan behave any differently?  Better?  Worse?

8:25 Bachmann actually sounds serious about Pakistan (saying, we can’t just cut them off because they are so dangerous) – but then she shifts away from Pakistan to demagoging Iran/Israel situation.

8:28 Santorum says Pakistan ‘must be our friend.’  Well, the USSR had a lot more nuclear weapons than Pakistan did during the Cold War and we weren’t always their friend.  It looks like Santorum is going to the University of Wishful Thinking!

To be fair, Pakistan is a really hard problem- I don’t know what to do about it either!


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