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Lewyn Addresses America

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This is the first debate I’ve had a chance to watch since the earliest. I missed the first few minutes, but here goes-

Romney calls for “crippling economic sanctions.” And how well did that work against Iraq?

He also says if he’s president, “Iran will not have a nuclear weapon.” Seriously? Does he really think that there’s any military action short of wiping Iran off the face of the Earth that will destroy their nuclear weapons program? Well, maybe…I am not sure he’s wrong but I am not sure he’s right either.

Did Gingrich call for a “covert” program taking out their scientists. How covert is it if he mentions it in a debate? And how does he think Iran will react?

Realistically no one who’s not President today knows enough to answer any question about Iran (unless they give a principled, Ron Paul-type answer).

8;13 Perry says no timetables on Afghanistan. Doesn’t sound great, as usual.

8:14 Santorum says give money to pro-democracy movement in Iran. Does he know the address to send it to? Who would take it?

8:16 Bachmann sounds like she knows what she’s talking about in Afghanistan; but given her record of not knowing what she is talking about I am suspicious.

8:17 Home run Huntsman! He says declare victory and get out!


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