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Lewyn Addresses America

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8:35 Gingrich attacks Obama for “Agenda21”- sounds like a nut. [Basically some right wing extremists think there’s some UN plot to control the US called Agenda21].  This is the problem with Newt- goes back and forth from statesmanlike to stark raving mad.

8;38 isn’t Santorum worried that Iran will retaliate for Iranian scientists being killed?

8:39 when asked what he’ll do about nuclear security if he dissolves dept of energy, Perry says there are “plenty of places” and then moves on to bragging about his experience as governor of Texas.  His most idiotic answer tonight.  I don’t know who is worried but Perry is losing.  Cain hasn’t said anything  notable but sounds wooden and robotic.

8:41 Cain says he’ll trust “military leaders” re torture.  Sounds wooden. Isn’t it the CIA who is doing this stuff, not the military?

8:42 Bachmann sounds forthright by comparison on waterboarding (though I’m not sure I agree on the merits)- then she spoils it by saying we “have no place to take’ terrorists which sounds too wacky to be true.

8:43 Paul states his position but doesn’t really explain it except in a ‘preaching to the converted’ way.

8 44 Huntsman says its ‘a little lonely here in Siberia’ – nice hit at questioners for ignoring him.  Makes coherent argument on waterboarding.    But of course he’s not going anywhere so who cares?

8 45 Romney gives nice vague attack on Obama.   Says nothing well.  Wonder what’s really going on in his head.  Still trust his judgment more than the others on stage [not counting Paul and Huntsman who have no chance].

8 49 Perry says “communist” chinese govt. will wind up on “ash heap of history” if they don’t change their ‘virtues.’  Doesn’t he mean vices?  And does he really think they are Communists?

8 50 Romney sounds tough with China but at least he realizes they are a capitalist country.  In the land of the blind Rick Perrys Romney is king.

8 52 Huntsman emphasizes long term relationship with new Chinese generation- he owns the room!  I have toyed with totally committing to Romney but I definitely want to give Huntsman more time to show signs of political life.


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