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Lewyn Addresses America

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Details of latest CNN poll here.   Some surprises:

Romney runs ahead of Obama among registered voters, but no other candidates do.  Obama gets 53% or so (among registered voters) against most Rs, 47% against Romney.

Most Republicans (except Romney) are very unfavorably viewed by Americans as a whole; every non-Mitt candidate is viewed unfavorably by a plurality of poll respondents.

On the other hand, among Republicans every candidate (except Hunstman!) is viewed favorably by a plurality of respondents. But Gingrich (3-1 favorable) and Romney (2-1) are by far the most favorably viewed; by contrast, Cain is down to 47-31 favorable among Republicans, and the other Rs do even worse.   Not surprisingly, Romney and Gingrich are almost tied on the horse race question, with Cain now far behind (24 Romney 22 Gingrich 14 Cain – and that’s just Republicans!)  

Of course, there is a 4.5 point margin of error so in theory Cain could still be a co-front runner- but I doubt it.


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