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Lewyn Addresses America

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10:32 Ron Paul explains libertarian position on medicine.  Invokes “revolution and Constitution.”  Sorry, Ron, but the Framers were not libertarians; if they were, they would have kept the Articles of Confederation (which really did create a minimal federal government).

10:34 Perry calls for part-time Congress.  And how much power will that give the President? 

10:38 Am watching ABC coverage; they are pretty much declaring Gingrich the winner. 

Wonder how debate would be different if Huntsman was there.

Candidates praise each other- Perry praises Paul on currency reform, Newt praises Perry for getting him interested in 10th Amendment (not very persuasive- I don’t think this has ever been a major issue for him), Santorum on Iran, Paul says “you should never give up on opposition- if you’re persistent they will come your way” (well done!) , Bachmann praises Cain for “being very plainspoken.”  I’m not sure who Romney praised.

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