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Lewyn Addresses America

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(Slight delay due to technical difficulties)

9:24 Newt outbids Mitt on capital gains.  Very clever!

9:24 Mitt says scarce tax dollars should go to middle class-  opens himself to “why not just eliminate taxes for everyone” counter-argument. 

9:25 Paul mentions Newt took money from Freddie Mac but doesn’t really attack that effectively – doesn’t link Freddie Mac w/housing crisis, and doesn’t compare Newt’s Freddie Mac pandering to his prior attacks on politicians taking money from Freddie Mac.  Paul not a real attack dog.

9:29 Bachmann hits “Newt Romney”– now I remember why she used to be front runner!

9:30 Newt just says Bachmann wrong.  He’s pretty slick.

9:34 After everyone attacks him for Mass. individual mandate, Romney says Mass. different and then explains differences between Mass. policy and Obamacare- mostly effectively (though suggestion that Obama bill “takes over” medicine is a bit overstated).  Also points out that Newt favored individual mandate for entire country, not just Mass.

9:36 Newt admits mandate a “conservative effort to stop Hillarycare.”  In other words, he’s for it as long as the Dems are against it and against it when they are for it.

So far Newt is having a good night; people aren’t ganging up on him and instead focusing on Romney just as much.

9:39 Santorum explains difference between him and Bachmann: we agree on issues but I’m more legislatively effective.   Very effective-sounding till he says he can “win in states like Pennsylvania”, six years after he was clobbered by Bob Casey.


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