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Lewyn Addresses America

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As any political junkie knows, Gingrich apparently won South Carolina in the last pre-primary debate, when CNN’s John King asked Gingrich about his extramarital affairs, and Gingrich responded indignantly.  (See clip here).  The crowd went wild.  I was not so pleased.

Its taken me awhile to figure out why I found Gingrich’s response to be kind of upsetting; otherwise I would have blogged about it a week ago.  In my religious tradition (and in pretty much any other that I know of), if you’ve done something bad, you should be sorry about it.  (Just to oversimplfy radically).   And even though it is not nice for other people to remind you of your sins, on the other hand maybe you should not be act like the morally superior victim if you do.

When I saw Gingrich’s reaction I didn’t see a guy who was sorry.  I saw a guy who thought of himself as the victim. 


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