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Lewyn Addresses America

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9:25 Biden talking too long, on and on and on.

9:26 Ryan focused- look at unemployment rate in Scranton!

9:28 Ryan tries hard to humanize Romney.  Very nice!

9:28 Ryan says “sometimes the words don’t come out of your mouth the right way”- nice hit to Biden, who is a bit gaffe prone.

9:30 Biden’s “get out of the way” argument seems a little bit too wonky- that is, I understand it but not sure low-information voters will.

9:31 Biden goes back to Bush, making best case he has for weak hand.

9:31 Ryan says Dems started with one-party control.  Not a strong argument to me since Dems had two years and Republicans had six.  And really Dems barely had two since Democrats started deserting Obama on issues a year in.

9:33 Biden shouldn’t laugh so much- sounds derisive.

9:35 Ryan hits Obama on the $716b cut from Medicare, runs Mediscare racket.  What chutzpah!

9:36 Ryan says we’re just giving younger people “guaranteed coverage options” including traditional Medicare.  Sounds like he’s calling for more consumer choice – just candy.

9:37  Exchange of wonkspeak on Medicare.

Not sure anyone winning this argument; its so complex that it doesn’t really lend itself to substantive discussion.

9:42 When asked about raising Medicare to 67, Biden doesn’t answer question: instead he blathers about vouchers.  I don’t think this is good political sense- that was a softball he could have hit out of the park.  Why?  Because unemployed 66 year olds are uninsurable so raising age for Medicare could cause more harm than doing it for Social security.

9:44 Ryan back to fundamentals: “this is what politicians do when they don’t have a record to run on.”




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