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Lewyn Addresses America

A little politics, a little urbanism- I also blog 100 percent on urbanism at and

9:49 More eye-glazing wonkspeak from both sides.

9:49 Ryan says “we want to have big bipartisan agreements.”  Shocking if true.

I got a train to catch, but my thought: both doing OK, but Ryan doing a little better.

9:52 Biden says “Now you’re Jack Kennedy.”  Why isn’t he?

9:53 My guess is Biden might get flak for being too aggressive.

9:53 Biden: “just let taxes expire on those millionaires.” I understand, but not sure voters do.

But one downside about blogging: I’m not as focused on visuals, so its like I’m listening on radio.

Got a train to catch, no more blogging for tonight.

I think Ryan sounds better though- pivoting to center better, less hyper-aggressive than Biden.


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