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Lewyn Addresses America

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9:10 surprising that Ryan said its OK to apologize for urinating on Taliban corpses.  So its OK to apologize after all!

9:15 When asked about military strike, Ryan criticizes Obama for watering down sanctions.  Nice evasion!

9:16 Ryan- “we want to prevent war.”  This guy pivots to the center like Romney (and I mean that as a compliment)!  Wow!

9:16 Biden points out that if we trusted Congress we couldn’t work sanctions out with Russians etc.  Well played if true.

After six minutes, my thought is: both these guys are pros, both more accomplished politicians than the top of the ticket.  I’m not sure I can say whether either of them are twisting the facts though.

9:18 Ryan says we have to “change their mind”, suggests that removing threat of war maybe not a good idea.

9:19 Biden emphasizes Iranian economy going into free-fall.  Makes sense to me but not sure low-information voters see his point.

9:20 Ryan’s line “they are four years closer to having a nuclear weapon.”  This is utterly meaningless, since if they could have a nuclear weapon in 3049, they’d still be four years closer since four years have passed since 2009.  Its like saying “we’re four years closer to the Earth falling into the Sun.”

9:21 Ryan says Gates impolitic by saying that it was dangerous to start a war- interesting that he doesn’t say that a war would be a good idea, just that it would be impolitic to say it.  (I understand his point).

9:22 Ryan lists the usual points about Iran being bad, but points out biggest danger of Iran getting nukes is everyone else getting nukes.  (Much more subtle than usual “Iranians are insane” view which I think is nonsense).  Personally I’m less scared by Iran having nukes than Syria having nukes.


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