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Lewyn Addresses America

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A few weeks ago, it occurred to me that NYC (or at least the inner 3 boroughs) shaped a bit like the US- coasts at the northern and southern extremes, all kinds of stuff in the middle.

After I gave a little more thought to my idea, here’s my vision of America as NYC- similarities are meant to be geographic not demographic.

Alaska- The Bronx. Up in the NW corner of the city, kind of forgotten by much of the rest of the idea.

Hawaii- Staten Island.  An island vulnerable to tropical storms, south and east of everything else.

I imagine Manhattan as the continental West, as follows:

Washington state- Washington Heights, of course (the NW end of the city, just where Washington is in the lower 48).

Oregon- Upper West Side (just south of Wash Hts like Oregon from Wash).

California- Midtown and Western Manhattan; I guess San Francisco is Midtown, metro LA is the Village, and San Diego is Wall Street.

Idaho- Spanish Harlem.

Nevada- Upper East Side/east Midtown

Arizona- Lower East Side

Most of Queens would be the northern half of the rest of the Lower 48, and Brooklyn the southern half (except southern Queens at the eastern fringe).  Here’s my first stab at it (which I urge the rest of the world to improve  upon):

Montana- Astoria/Long Island City

Wyoming- Greenpoint/Williamsburg

Colorado-Brownstone Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope etc)

New Mexico- Sunset Park/Bay Ridge

The Dakotas- those two low profile twins, Woodside and Sunnyside

Nebraska- Boro Park

Kansas- Bensonhurst

Oklahoma- Brighton Beach/Coney Island

Texas- Flatbush

Minn– East Elmhurst (where Laguardia is), Jackson Heights.

Iowa- Southwestern Queens (Middle Village, Glendale, Ridgewood)

Missouri- Bedford-Stuyvestant

Arkansas- Crown Heights

Louisiana- Kensington

Wisconsin- Corona

Illinois- Rego Park

Indiana- Forest Hills

Kentucky- Ridgewood

Tenn- Bushwick

Michigan – Flushing

Ohio- Kew Gardens

New York- Hillcrest/Fresh Meadows/Utopia

Pennsylvania- Jamaica/Jamaica Estates

Maine- Little Neck

New Hampshire- Douglaston

Vermont- Bayside

Mass- Oakland Gardens

Ct-  Fresh Meadows

RI- Hollis Hills

NJ- Queens Village

Del- Cambria Heights


Va- Rosedale

NC- Ozone Park

SC- Rochdale

Mississippi- Brownsville/East New York

Alabama – Canarsie

Ga- Springfield Gardens

Fl- The Rockaways (peninsula in the far south)

WV- Richmond Hill


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