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After researching the growth of Manhattan’s population of small children, I did the same research for our country’s other most urban, transit-oriented cities.   So here it is.

0-5 yr old population trends, 2000-10

2000     2010

San Francisco 31,633  35,203

DC                    32,536   32,613

Philadelphia    98,161   101,053

Boston              32,046    32,420

Chicago           218,527   185,887

Chicago seems to be having quite a bit of difficulty retaining children, while the other cities, like Manhattan, are adding children (though again, still losing older children by and large).   Ironically, Chicago is also the most suburbanized: it extends dozens of square miles into areas which, like the eastern edges of Queens and Brooklyn, are not all that urban.  I wonder if there’s anyone has data on child population in urban vs. suburban Chicago?


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