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After reading another rant about how cities can’t be child-friendly without turning into suburbs (or something like that) I did some actual digging to see whether child populations were growing or declining in various places.  I started with the five boroughs of NYC, and the number of 0-5 yr old children.

2000   2010

Manhattan 76,048  76,549 (+1%)

Brooklyn 182,599  177,198 (-3%)

Queens 142,716   132,164 (-7%)

Bronx 109,732   103,144 (-6%)

Staten Island 29,763 28,339 (-5%)


Notice something?  The outer boroughs, EVEN suburb-like Staten Island, lost toddlers.  And after I did a little in-my-head calculation, I noticed Staten Island lost toddlers faster than Brooklyn (though not faster than the other two boroughs).  The only borough that gained infants and toddlers was superdense, superexpensive Manhattan.

Caveat: Manhattan still lost 5-15 yr olds, which I would guess reflects residential choices of older generations of parents.


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