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Lewyn Addresses America

A little politics, a little urbanism- I also blog 100 percent on urbanism at and

I am part of two group blogs, the CNU blog and the Planetizen blog.  So why haven’t I shut down this blog?  Isn’t a personal blog redundant?

I keep this blog for two reasons (other than sheer inertia):

1.  The Planetizen and CNU blogs are focused on my scholarly specialty of urban planning and zoning.  (I use Planetizen for deeper, op-ed-style pieces, while I generally use CNU for shorter posts of a paragraph or two).   By contrast, on this blog I feel a little freer to write about issues unrelated to urban planning.

2.  Sometimes even my urban planning thoughts don’t quite seem to fit the other two blogs.  For example, I dug up a lot of data on which age groups favor which cities.  I’m not sure raw data is a good fit for either Planetizen or CNU, so I posted it here.  Similarly, if I just went to a conference, I want to write down what I learned- but I’m not sure that stuff really fits the other two blogs very well.


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