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When I visited Omaha, the neighborhood that reminded me most of Kansas City’s Brookside was Dundee (Warren Buffet’s neighborhood!)- a rich area with big 1920s houses, street grid, and sidewalks.  But even though Dundee’s residential areas are reasonably walkable, Brookside on balance is much nicer.

Here’s why: in Brookside, the main commercial streets (around 62rd and 63rd) are (a) pretty close to my building and (b) is pretty walkable- the main shopping street isn’t quite as wide or as fast as most Kansas City commercial streets.  In addition, they have utilitarian stuff like groceries. By contrast, in Dundee, most of the shopping (especially things that really matter like groceries and pharmacies, as opposed to restaurants) is on a speedway with huge parking lots.  That’s true even for neighborhoods closer in than Dundee.

So even though Kansas City is defective in some ways, I’m glad that it has kept some walkable neighborhoods and that I live in one of them.

NOTE: to see what I am talking about, go to Google Street View and look at 300 N. Saddle Creek in Omaha, then look at 317 W. 63rd Street in Kansas City.


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