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In my last post, I compared various states’ levels of job creation.  However, one weakness of this measurement is that it favors states gaining population.   It may be that states gain population becuase jobs are plentiful.  On the other hand, states gain population for reasons unrelated to the economy, such as warm weather or proximity to the Mexican border.  So I decided to measure economic health by looking at employment-population ratio: the percent of the population which is employed (rather than being unemployed or out of the labor force).   (Data here)  Here are my standings in order of economic strength:

1) Michigan (Snyder)

E-P ratio Jan. 2011 (when most governors elected in 2010 sworn in) 53.9

Most recent ratio (Sept. 2014): 55.9 (2 pt gain, best of the list)

2) California (Brown)

E-P ratio Jan. 2011: 56.1

today: 57.6 (1.5 pt gain)

3) Louisiana (Jindal)

E-P ratio Jan. 11: 55.4

today: 56.7 (1.3 pt gain)

4) Texas (Perry)

E-P ratio Jan 11: 60.7

today: 61.5 (0.8 pt gain)

5) Ohio (Kasich)

E-P ratio Jan. 11: 58.7

today: 59.3 (0.6 pt gain)

6) Wisconsin (Walker)

E-P ratio Jan 11: 63.7

today: 64.2 (0.5 pt gain)

7) Mass. (Patrick)

E-P ratio Jan. 11: 60.8

today: 60.9 (0.1 pt gain)

8) Neveda (Sandoval): 57.7 both in January 2011 and today

tie) New Jersey (Christie) 59.5 both in January 2011 and today

10) New Mexico (Martinez)

E-P ratio Jan. 2011 54.2

today: 53.7 (0.5 pt loss)

11) Maryland (O’Malley)

E-P ratio Jan. 11: 63.2

today: 62 (1.2 pt loss- no wonder the Democrats lost the governorship!)

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