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Lewyn Addresses America

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In honor of the first candidate to declare, Sen. Cruz (to the tune of C’Est Moi from Camelot).

A son of the GOP

Should be conservative

And envy the government of Franco Spain

Be irrelevant to his time

And tight fisted to the dime

And do everything a monarchist would do

A son of the GOP should be conservative

Think thoughts that a Blue Dog would never dare

But where in the world

Is there in the world

A man so reactionaire>

Ted Cruz! Ted Cruz!

None other will do!

The man in whom these qualities boom

Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz, none else!

He’d stray from all he believes

To vote for a moderate bill

If there’d been fifty senators like he

The government would be shut down still!

Ted Cruz! Ted Cruz!

The purest of pure

A stranger to compromise

So if you want

The soul of Right

Unwilling to yield

But eager to fight

There’s no one like Ted Cruz!

And another Rand Paul song (to the tune of “I’m a Good Old Rebel“):

Oh, I’m a Ron Paul Republican
Now that’s just what I am

For  neoconservatism I do not care a damn

I’m glad I voted against it

I only wish we’d won
And I don’t want to compromise on anything I’ve done
I hate the Cheney Administration
And everything they did
I hate the Obama gang and Hillary’s too
I hate the War on Terror

Its wiretaps and blood

From Afghanistan to the NSA
I protested all I could

In 2016

I’m standing up for Rand

Even though I’d really

Rather have his dad

If we elect Hillary

Or that warmonger Rubio

Il’ll pack up my guns

And start for Mexico

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