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Lewyn Addresses America

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7:34 Nice line by Santorum: You’d think there was a Republican president the way Democrats complain about the economy

7:35 Santorum- we’re going to suspend every regulation costing over $100k.  Is he not aware that regulations have benefits?  Fun facts: Santorum talks about welders, but welding jobs are going to rise slower than rest of economy

7:38 Christie sounds shopworn, regurgitating standard R cliches about government getting out of the way.  You mean except wars and wiretapping?

7:39 Moderator asks about welfare recipients who have incentives not to work.  Is she not aware of the 1996 welfare reform that limited this sort of thing? In Arizona, there is a one year limit on assistance for the poor.  What an ignoramus.  This sort of question gives Fox a bad name.

7:45 Huck calls Louisiana “the state just south of me.”  Doesn’t he live in Florida?

7:46 Jindal- “facts don’t lie.” LOL.  (I miss Lindsay Graham in these debates).

7:48 Christie plays unifier and does it well.

8:03 Santorum- “there are no dads [in tough areas] and we need to do something about it.”  Easier said than done.

8:04 Huck says “wages for the bottom 90 percent of the economy” have flattened.  Blames feds for dollar flucutating. How is that relevant?  Is he not aware that the dollar is very strong?

8:11 Santorum – complains that Obama put people “in harm’s way”- compared to Bush?

8:15 Christie- “bring this entire country together.”  And you thought Fort Lee has traffic jams!

One thing about the increasing ideological homogenity of the parties- they make debates and primaries a lot duller.  The combination of moderators who didn’t really challenge the candidates and no Lindsay Graham made for candidates who sounded like clones.

If there’s a winner, its Christie- but not by much.  No one was especially good or terrible.

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