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Lewyn Addresses America

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9:55 Sanders says minimum wage increases jobs by putting money in hands of people leading to more jobs

9:56 O’Malley- what I did for Maryland I can do for America

9:56 Hillary calls for only $12 minimum because there are “no international comparisons”.  Hillary lets herself get outbid.  Very confident.

10:03 When asked about Wall St campaign contributions Hillary says hedge fund guys running superPAC against her.

10:05 Sanders – break up big banks.

10:06 Says something about Dem identity politics that Hillary is “proud” 60 percent of our donors were women.

10:06 Hillary- on 9/11 terrorists attack Wall St.  But “I go after all of Wall Street not just the big banks.”

10:08 O’Malley mentions he won’t have Robert Rubin on CEA but fails to mention why that matters, kind of a fumble.

10:12 Hillary gun laws blah blah blah.

10:13 “I said I made a mistake on Iraq.” – Hillary.

10:13 “We need radical changes in mental health in America.’ – Sanders (begs for a joke here doesn’t it?)

10:13 O’Malley brags about gun record in Maryland.  Given Baltimore’s murder rate maybe not a strong argument coming for him.  What he did for Maryland he can do for America!

10:15 Sanders whacks O’Malley on Baltimore crime (good hit!).   Calls for getting people to work together where there is a consensus (not practical).

This is another of these areas where Dems are whistling in a graveyard, given that the House is likely to be dominated by Republicans for the next decade or so (basically until the next failed Republican administration, I think)

10:24 Sanders- I can beat Republicans because most issues I care about are supported by most Americans but corrupt campaign finance system is preventing it.   Not realistic- what prevents even noncontroversial liberal policies winning is that right-wing media has lock on Republican primary voters.  Not something soluble by campaign finance reform.

10:31 O’Malley brags about criminal justice system achievements- again!

10:42 Clinton hits Sanders single payer plan- making states administer health plan risky, what if Republican governor?

10:42 Sanders- ACA has same problem

10:52 O’Malley against “divisive ideologies” and for “new era.” Sounds pretty old to me.

10:53 Clinton: I’ve spent my life evening the odds, blah blah.  I will work hard (Republican viewers thinking: yes, that’s exactly the problem).

10:54 Sanders: inequality, child poverty, campaign finance, health insurance, paid medical leave. Crowd loves him.

It was really hard for this debate to keep my attention.  I declare Sleep the winner!

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