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Lewyn Addresses America

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9:08 When asked about Paris terror attack-

Sanders talks about ISIS (he’s against it) for 5 seconds, then pivots to economic issues he cares about, sounds tone deaf.

Hillary talks about being commander-in-chief, promises to figure out what she wants to do.

O’Malley says we have to adapt to new global danger, doesn’t say what he wants either but still sounds better than other two.  He’s the Democratic Christie- he talks great but his record as governor (unpopular in a word) dooms him.

9:10 Hillary- war can’t be an American fight, we’ll train Kurds etc.  But does she really think a few Kurds can beat ISIS? Hasn’t training Iraqis failed?

9:11 Hillary asked about Obama’s repeated underestimation of ISIS; haven’t you missed the point in the past?  She sounds like she’s blaming Maliki for “decimating Iraqi army” (no Bush did that with de-Baathization) and Assad for being incompetent.  Sounds stupid.  Obviously locals can’t beat ISIS- but shouldn’t Secretary of State Clinton have foreseen that years ago?

9:13 Sanders ties climate change to terrorism.  As droughts etc happen more instability= more terrorism.   Hits Hillary on Iraq (good hit!)  Favors “international coalition” with Muslim nations- but most of these nations have toy armies that can barely keep the lid on in their own nations, let alone win a war outside its own borders.

9:15 Hillary says we need to understand antecedents to Iraq (yeah? so?)

9:16 Sanders blathers about long history of US support of regime change and that it has had unintended consequences.  Not sure anyone under 70 understands.

9:17 O’Malley points out problems arising out of Iraqi war: dissolution of Baathist army. “its not about getting rid of a single dictator.”  (Take that, Hillary!)

9:18 Hillary says its a problem that Assad has hung on to power.  yes, because if he left it would become stable?  Seriously? She sounds almost as retarded as Rubio. I can’t help wondering: if we’d supported Assad maybe things would be more stable.

9:19 Sanders thinks Muslim countries are ‘going to have to lead.”  Why would they want to?  Seriously?

9:20 Hillary points out Jordan has taken lots of refugees from Syria, while Turkey “has to make up its  minds”.  And if Turkey says take a hike what’s she going to do?  Invade THEM too?

Just lost 10 minutes because before I could save stuff I pressed the wrong button.  My takeaways:

Hillary defended the war in Libya because Kaddafi was a bad guy and they have free elections.  Free elections didn’t save Libya from terrorism anymore than they save France, and a mean dictator is the only thing standing between most of these countries and ISIS.  Hillary sounds almost as deranged as some of the Republicans.

9:32 O’Malley comes out for 65,000 Syrian refugees. Is he not aware that some of the ISIS terrorists were “refugees”?  Says he should be with “nations of the world” (code for West European countries where Arabs beat up and stab Jews- no thanks, governor).

But he’s right in seeing huge standing armies might not be useful.

9:33 Hillary calls for 65,000 but only with more careful screening.  Please.  How do you screen people with no paperwork?  Even the people who aren’t trained terrorists might be potential lone wolves.

These people all sound adrift, but some of the Republicans also sound terrible.  The position of the neocon wing of the Republican party is: “We hate ISIS.  But at the same time we want to cut the Christian West in half by hassling Russia.  And we’re so afraid of Russia we want to keep the three-way civil war in Syria going.”   They all sound to me like they are effectively ISIS’s useful idiots. Its like its 1940 and the election is between Charles Lindbergh and Breckenridge Long.

9:40 O’Malley brags about raising taxes.  A lot of good that did in the 2014 elections.

Now everyone on the same page on domestic issues- yawn.  I find it really hard to care about any of this, since a Republican Congress will squash anything they do.

9:43 Sanders against 90% tax rates of Eisenhower era. “I’m not a socialist compared to Eisenhower.”

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