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Lewyn Addresses America

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A liberal acquaintance of mine said that Sanders was electable because he would bring new people into the electorate.

It seems to me that if this was true, Democratic primary turnout would be up.  So let’s look at the New Hampshire results:

2008 about 285,000 voters (details here)

2012 about 250,000 voters (details here).

Democrats are staying home, not turning out to vote for Sanders.  To put it another way, the total non-Clinton vote in 2008 was about 173,000; this year it was about 155,000- again down.  Clinton herself got 17,000 fewer votes.

What about on the Republican side:

2008 about 238,000 votes

2012 a little over 280,000 votes

The energy is on the Republican side this year.  Of course, this is based on just one primary- we’ll see how the rest of the primaries shape up.



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