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Lewyn Addresses America

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Fun facts about election 2016:
1. Right now it looks like Trump actually got at least a million fewer votes than Mitt Romney. But Clinton got about six million fewer votes than Obama in 2012. Democrats voted with their feet.
2. Despite Democrats’ hopes that the “women’s vote” would help them, the gender gap (the difference between women’s R vote and men’s) was only slightly larger this year according to exit polls: 11 points this year (53 pct Trump men, 42 women), 8 in 2012 (52 Romney for men, 44 for women).
3. Democrats thought the Latino vote would make up for lost working-class whites. But Trump actually did better among Latinos than Romney, though not by a statistically significant margin (29 pct vs 27 pct).
4. Late deciders favored Trump by a 49-39 margin (I assume the other 12 percent didn’t answer or voted third party). People who decided before October were 51-46 Clinton.
5. Only 2 percent of people had favorable opinions of both candidates. Among people who disliked both, Trump won 49-29 (with lots of third party votes etc).

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